Render Setup

The next step will be to start the project processing after choosing the desired render settings and export elements.


Choose the output resolution of your project.
Resolution options might be locked for the following reasons:
  • The input video is of lower resolution - For example, if the input video is 1080p you cannot choose the 4K option.
  • Tier locked - You need a higher subscription tier to unlock some resolutions.


Choose the output format of your project.

Export individual elements

Export elements are a robust set of options that allow you to download your VFX elements and passes separately. These elements will enable you to continue working on your VFX shot in any software you choose.
Please ensure that you have enabled all desired export elements before starting the processing, as they will not be accessible afterward.
For a detailed description of export elements please visit the Export Elements page.

Start processing

Once you click the "Start Processing" button, your video with the selected settings will start processing in the cloud and you are free to close the browser and even your computer.
If the video you have uploaded to Wonder Studio is large and you have gone through the entire uploading actor selection process quickly, there is a possibility that the video has not yet been fully uploaded to the cloud before you have clicked on "Start processing". If you close your browser at this point, the video will not be processed. To avoid this do not close your browser immediately.
While your video is processing it will be shown as "In Progress".
Once your project is completed, it will remain in the "In Progress" section on the "My Projects" page until it is viewed once. After viewing it the project will be moved to the "My Projects" section. To view the results simply click on the project.