Platform Limitations

Browser Support

Wonder Studio is a cloud-based platform that runs through your desktop/laptop browser. Browsers that are currently supported are Chrome and Safari. Wonder Studio is not yet optimized for mobile browsers.

Supported Video Format

Wonder Studio currently supports only .mp4 and .mov video formats.

Maximum Video Length

The maximum length of a video that can be processed in a project is 2 minutes.

Video Editing

Currently, videos uploaded to Wonder Studio cannot be further edited. Any cutting, trimming, or any other editing needs to be done prior to uploading the video.

Maximum Number of Shots

The maximum number of shots in an uploaded video is 15.
Supported Shot Types
Wonder Studio can process any shot type (wide, medium, close-up, etc.). However, it is important to pay attention to the framing of your shot. Please be mindful that extreme close-up shots, where very little of the actor's body is visible, might not process properly due to a lack of information. In these cases, you can leave room in your shot on all sides and crop it after you get the results from the platform.
Currently, Wonder Studio provides only partial support for actor occlusions. In cases where the actor is partially occluded by foreground objects, MoCap results for occluded body parts may not be as accurate. Objects that are occluding the actor will not be rotoscoped in the final result, meaning the character will be placed in the footage without regard for foreground objects.

Object Interactions

Currently, character-object and character-character interactions are not supported in Wonder Studio. As a result, when a person is interacting with an object, that action or that object may not be represented accurately. When two or more actors interact, the results may vary depending on the amount of occlusion and proportions of the characters that the actors are being replaced with.