Create New Project

Create New Project

Create a project in just a few clicks! To start, click on the "Create New Project" button on the panel to the left.

Choose Project Type

After this, you will be prompted to choose the project type. Once you select the desired project type, the project editor will open, enabling you to begin working on your project.

Rename your project

Rename your project by selecting and editing the text in the top left corner and pressing enter.
You can also rename your projects from the "My Projects" page by clicking "⋮", then "Rename", and pressing enter.

Exit the project

You can exit the project anytime by clicking on the home button next to your project name. Your current project state will be saved and you will be able to come back to your project, from the "My Projects" page, at any moment to continue working on it.

My Projects

You can find your projects by going to the "My Projects" page. Any project that is still being processed, or has finished processing but not viewed, will show up in the "In Progress" section. Any project that is not started, or is finished and viewed, will show up in the "My Projects" section.

Delete your project

To delete your project, go to the "My Projects" page, click on "⋮", then click "Delete".