IK bones & IK features

Wonder Studio provides the ability to create Live Action Advanced and AI Motion Capture projects. This project type offers more flexibility and options than the Live Action Easy project type. Some of these options are Feet IK and Wrist IK. These options allow you to correct the location of your character’s feet or wrists to bring them closer to the location of the actor's feet or wrists. These options are helpful if your character has different proportions than the actor but you need the character’s wrists or feet to more closely match those of the actor.
To facilitate this option, Wonder Studio will generate a set of IK bones at the same location as feet and wrist bones. These bones will be generated only if the wrist or foot bones exist but to leverage these options character’s limbs will have to have a clear parenting chain.
For the arms, a parenting chain must exist between the shoulder bone and the wrist bone.
  • LeftArm
    • LeftForeArm
      • LeftHand
  • RightArm
    • RightForeArm
      • RightHand
For the legs, a parenting chain must exist between the thigh bone and the foot bone.
  • LeftUpLeg
    • LeftLeg
      • LeftFoot
  • RightUpLeg
    • RightLeg
      • RightFoot