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Eye Bone Mapping - Maya

Eyes need to be bound to joints in order to rotate.
By clicking on the "Eye Bone Mapping" button the following UI will appear.
Each eye bone of the character needs to be mapped and min/max rotation limits set. Only successfully validated eyes will be forwarded to the platform.
To map the bone, first, select it in the outliner, then click on the
Only bones that are not already mapped will be accepted. If the eye bone is set, make sure not to change its name. If the name gets changed it won't be exported!
Make sure to set the correct eye rotation axis for horizontal and vertical rotations.
For best results, it is important that the eyes are correctly rigged. More details at the following link:
After the rotations axis is set there are two ways that you can map rotations:
  1. 1.
    Rotate the bone or the rig control as far as you want the eye to rotate in the desired direction and click on the Set button.
  2. 2.
    Type a numerical value in the text field, then press Enter.
If all values are correctly set, the status indicator will turn to
You can add as many eyes as you want just click on the "Add Eye Bone" button.