Character Rig Validation

>>> [ERROR] Character rig check - FAIL.
There are multiple reasons that your character is failing at this step. Listed bellow are all possible error messages that can be received:

> No rig found.
> Make sure that the character is rigged and skinned to the rig.
There are two cases which will course this error message to appear:
  1. 1.
    Rig is missing.
  2. 2.
    Geometry is not Skinned to the Rig
Character must be properly rigged in order to pass the validation. If you have a properly created rig in the scene, but the rig validation is failing, it means that the geometry of your character isn't skinned to the rig.
To make sure that the geometry is skinned simply check if any mesh of the character has a "skinCluster" input in the channel box window.
If the "skinCluster" is missing, the geometry isn't properly skinned to the rig.
More information regarding rigging can be found on the following page: Supported Rigs
For more information regarding character skinning please visit Autodesk Maya Help.

> Rig and blendshapes need to be contained inside a group with the "_BODY" suffix.
For character to pass the validation the rig needs to be placed in side a group with the "_BODY" suffix.
Visit the following page for more information: Scene Organization

> Make sure that the rig is directly parented to the "character_BODY" group.
Rig must be directly parented to the group with the "_Body" suffix. It can't be contained within any sub groups since that will fail the online validation.
Visit the following page for more information: Scene Organization

> Mesh: "{mesh_name}" is in the rig hierarchy.
> All meshes must be placed inside the "GEO" group.
> Either move the meshes to "GEO" group or remove them.
As stated in the error message. The script detected that there are meshes in the rig hierarchy.
All those meshes need to be either moved to the "GEO" group or just deleted from the scene.
When moving the meshes to "GEO" group make sure that they are skinned to the rig. If they are not the validation will fail again.

> Mesh "{mesh_name}" is not skinned.
> All meshes must be skinned to the rig!
All meshes inside the GEO group must be skinned to the rig otherwise the character will fail the validation.
All meshes that are not skinned will be listed in the error message above.