USD is a powerful element that combines all VFX elements from Wonder Studio and combines them into a 3D scene. Some capabilities of the USD:
  • Recreate your Wonder Studio scene in any DCC with USD support! (Maya, Houdini, Unreal, Unity, Omniverse Composer, 3D Studio Max, and more)
  • Easily edit any aspect of your scene - Through the use of USD's layers, data is organized in the camera, environment, characters, and other layers. Easily reference and edit components such as character animation, camera tracking, lighting, character variants, and more.
  • Tailor our data to suit your pipeline - Use USD's powerful toolset to process our data and adapt it to your pipeline and workflow.
  • Portable and shareable - The scene is packaged to be portable. It uses relative references and includes low-resolution textures for easy sharing and relocation.
  • Hydra delegates - Make your transition between Render engines easier with Hydra delegates in software like Arnold, Karma, Substance, Renderman, and more.
  • Academy approved - Join the leading open format for scene description endorsed by the Academy Software Foundation.
Character look with USD
Please note that the USD format has limited support for deformers, constraints, materials, and other non-standard elements from your preferred Digital Content Creation (DCC) software.
As a result, your character may not display correctly when viewing USD data, as the mesh and materials might appear broken. However, rest assured that this issue will not impact the animation data itself.