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Markerless Face Capture

Learn more about Wonder Studio's Markerless AI Face Capture System and how to prepare your characters to work seamlessly with the platform.
Wonder Studio supports facial animation by utilizing blendshapes based on FACS (Facial Action Coding System). Our system supports 88 unique blendshapes. The animation will be generated by analyzing your video and then applying the resulting animation to the character's blendShapes.
Blendshapes will need to be named correctly in order for the system to recognize them.
Although not mandatory, it is highly beneficial to have a full set of blendshapes. The system will use the available blendshapes. The fidelity of the animation will increase if more shapes are available.
The following links will give you greater insight into how to set up your blendshapes to work with Wonder Studio.


Want to learn more about FACS? Visit the following links: