Frequently asked questions

Account Issues

  • Can’t Log In - It is possible that you have not created your account yet. Please navigate to and at the bottom click the 'Sign up' button to create your account manually.
  • Forgot Password/Change Password - On the login screen, click 'Forgot password?' and enter the email address you used to create your account. Please be sure to check your spam folder for the password reset email as these emails can often end up there. To change your password, please log out and select the 'Forgot password?' button on the login screen.
  • Can’t Accept Terms of Service - Some browser extensions block users from accepting the Terms and Conditions. Please turn off all extensions temporarily to be able to accept the Terms and Conditions. If that doesn't work, and you are using Chrome, try opening the app web page in incognito mode. Also, Wonder Studio is not yet optimized for phone browsers so please be sure to use a desktop browser.
  • Account Limits - You can find your account balance by going to the top right corner of the web app and clicking on your username icon then 'Settings'. On the left side click on 'Subscription Overview'. You can also see the options to expand your limits on this page.

Billing Info

Custom Characters

General Information

  • Privacy - All characters are private. Your characters can not be seen or used by anyone else.
  • Documentation - The best place to begin when troubleshooting custom character uploads is the documentation here: Getting Started with Character Creation
  • Tutorials - We also have some quick start character creation tutorials here: Custom Character Tutorials
  • Community & Support - If you cannot find the answers to your questions in these materials, our Discord is the best place to ask the community for help with specific questions about your custom character. We ask that you post any questions related to custom characters in the following channels.

Character Validation Changes

What's New?

In our latest updates, we've introduced substantial improvements to our character validation. We’ve enabled local validation thanks to the new validation addons for Blender and Maya. They can efficiently detect faults, offer automatic fixes for common issues, warn about potential performance issues, and simplify the packaging of required files for easier uploads. Additionally, we've enhanced platform validation messages for clearer feedback and revamped our documentation to ensure a more user-friendly experience.

What Changed?

  • Character Setup (Blender):
    • No more "character" collection requirement.
    • Accepts any collection setup for better organization.
    • Objects in collections excluded from the view layer skip transforms check.
    • Objects no longer require parenting to the main armature.
    • Addons automatically rename objects with . in their names.
    • Addons auto-disable auto-smooth and apply transforms.
  • Textures and Materials:
    • Support for any texture and material naming.
    • No more requirements for specific suffixes in naming.
    • Maya: Added Standard Surface material support.
  • Meshes:
    • Blender: Supports the majority of modifiers.
    • Maya: Additional construction history check.
  • Skeletons/Armatures:
    • No specific bone names are required; flexible naming with addon mapping.
    • Auto-mapping for popular naming conventions.
    • Addons warn about missing bones and rig issues affecting IK options.
    • Maya: Added extra rig hierarchy and mesh skinning checks.
  • Blendshapes / Shape Keys
    • Maya: Full support for facial blendshapes.
    • Other objects (eyebrows, teeth, etc.) are linked to and receive the same animation data as the main face mesh.
    • Eye bones are automatically linked to look blendshapes when data is provided through the addon.
  • Hair & Fur
    • Added limited support for Hair Curves in Blender.
Visit Character Setup page for more information.

Processing Errors

  • Browser - Wonder Studio is currently optimized for Chrome and Safari. If you are having issues with the platform please first try using one of these browsers and see if the issue persists.
  • File Not Found - This error usually happens when the input video was not uploaded successfully from your local machine to the cloud. Please make sure that you have a stable connection while the video upload is in progress and don't close the window until the project has begun processing. You can also upload your videos directly to the My Assets page to ensure that it is fully uploaded before processing. Visit the Video Upload page for more information.
  • Error Code: eyJuYW1l... - This error is related to a network connection issue and can often be caused by a VPN blocking access to the platform. Please troubleshoot your network connection to see if you are able to gain access.
  • Video Codec Limitations - Certain video formats with specific codecs are not supported in Safari and some of them fail in Google Chrome as well. If your video is not supported try converting it to the .mp4 format with the H.264 encoding.
  • Error - Processing Failed - If you did not receive a specific message for why your project failed, please submit a support ticket and we will look into your issue: Support Ticket Any lost minutes will be refunded.
  • Blurry Clean Plate - In some cases, the Clean Plate can look blurry resulting in a blurry outline around the character. This is usually caused by the system not having enough information about what is behind the actor. This issue can appear in static or tracking shots where the framing of the shot means the actor never reveals the background. In these cases leaving a small portion of the video at the beginning and the end, where the background is fully visible, can help resolve the issue. Alternatively, on some tiers, the generated clean plate can be downloaded and further improved. Another option would be to film the clean plate separately and use it with the character pass in the compositing.


  • Editing in Timeline - Editing clips and combining multiple shots is currently not supported in the timeline. It is recommended to edit videos before uploading them into Wonder Studio. Editing tools are currently in development.
  • Actor Detection - Wonder Studio implements something called ReID to help identify actors across cuts. You can find a quick tutorial with an explanation of how best to use it here: ReID Tutorial
  • MoCap - There is a variety of tips and tricks you can follow to get the best MoCap results. There is a quick video tutorial here that explains some best practices: MoCap Tutorial
  • Upload Clean Plate - This feature is currently in development. In the meantime, if you select 'Blender Scene' at the 'Render' stage (available for some tiers), you will be able to load a custom clean plate into pre-made compositing nodes.

Commercial Usage

  • There is no limit on commercial usage from the Wonder Studio side, you can use any assets and outputs from the platform freely. However, if you use any third party material in your video you would need to get that approved by the owner of that material. Please refer to our terms of use for more detailed information: Terms of Use


  • Wonder Studio is built as a web browser app that uses the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud which is an industry leader in security practices and compliance controls. Our current policies and procedures are aligned with ISO 27001 standards and the MPA’s TPN best practices. The uploaded media is only available and visible to you as the user.

Credits FAQ

Q. What are Credits and how do they work?
A. Wonder Studio uses a credit system that enables you to spend your subscription balance according to your needs. Wonder Studio has multiple project types that require a different amount of resources for processing. Each second of project processing has an equivalent cost in credits.
Credit spending is as follows:
  • 1 second of Live Action (Easy or Advanced): 20 credits
  • 1 second of AI MoCap only: 4 credits
Q. How Many Credits do I get per Month?
A. The amount credits you get each month depends on your subscription tier.
  • Lite users get 3,000 Credits per month, equal to 150 seconds of Live Action or 750 seconds of AI MoCap.
  • Pro users get 12,000 Credits per month, equal to 600 seconds of Live Action or 3,000 seconds of AI MoCap.
Q. Do my monthly credits carry over to next month if I don’t use them? A. Credits reset every month. They do not carry over-month to month.
Q. What happens when I run out of credits? A. Currently, when you run out of credits, you cannot process any more video in Wonder Studio until next month when you receive your next batch of credits.
Q. Can I buy additional credits? A. Not yet, however, we are currently working to make it possible for you to purchase additional credits. Stay tuned for more info.


Q. Why does AI MoCap use less credits than Live Action? A. The difference in credit cost between these two options is due to the amount of cloud processing time used to get the desired end result. Live Action generates motion capture data along with additional elements, and takes more resources to process. Since AI MoCap generates only the motion capture data and does not render your VFX shot, it uses fewer cloud processing resources, and therefore costs fewer credits.
Q. What outputs do I get with a Live Action Project?
Live Action (Easy or Advanced) projects output several different file types:
  • AI MoCap (FBX)
  • Clean Plate (PNG, JPG)
  • Alpha Masks (PNG)
  • Blender Scene (BLEND)
  • Rendered VFX Shot (PNG, MP4)
Q. What outputs do I get with an AI MoCap Project? A. AI MoCap (FBX)
Q. Can I choose AI Mocap for some projects and Live Action for others? A. Yes! You are free to choose between AI Mocap and Live Action on a per-project basis.

Have an issue that wasn't answered? Please submit a support ticket here: Support Ticket You can also send a support request directly to: [email protected]