Edit Video

Editing clips and combining multiple shots is currently not supported in the timeline. It is recommended to edit videos before uploading them into Wonder Studio. Editing tools are currently in development.
Your video can be composed of multiple shots as Wonder Studio will automatically identify cuts and separately process different shots, while at the same time automatically matching the same actors between shots.
For information on how to upload your video please visit the Video Upload page.

Add/Remove videos in a project

Drag and drop videos into the frame or onto the timeline to add them to the video.
Select the video on the timeline and press backspace to remove them.
When starting a new project, the "Project Assets" list will be shown by default. This list contains all videos used in the current project. Here you can choose to upload a video but if you already uploaded a video you wish to use (through the dashboard or in another project), you can switch to the "My Assets" list and choose a video from there.

Edit video

Coming soon.