Global Settings

Global Settings affect the entire project, even if the project has multiple shots. These settings can modify the results or the way you interact with your project.
Global Settings Options for AI MoCap


Wonder Studio incorporates a technology named ReID (Re-Identification). This technology enables us to track the actor across multiple shots without a need to assign the actor for each shot individually.
Visit the Actor Assignment page for more information on ReID.


This mode is used in the Live Action Easy project type.
In this mode, the ReID will try to track the actor within one shot and across multiple different shots. Mark your actor in one frame and let the AI do the rest.

Per Cut

In this mode, the ReID will try to track the actor within one shot enabling you to treat each shot as its own project in terms of assigning actors.
With this option, you can assign the same character to a different person in a different shot. This can be useful if multiple actors are portraying the same character.
You can also assign a different character to the same person in each shot. This can be useful if one person is portraying multiple characters.
This option can also be used if the ReID proves unreliable in a particular sequence and is not able to detect the actor effectively across cuts.


In this mode, the ReID will try to track the actor only until the first occlusion in a shot or until the first cut.

Focal Length

This setting allows you to change the focal length for your shots. Entering a real focal length can be beneficial for the following reasons:
  • Character positioning in the 3D scene - The closer the focal length is to the real value the better the positioning of the character will be in 3D space.
  • Perspective distortion of the character - The character's appearance in the final render may be enhanced by ensuring accurate perspective distortion, as differences in virtual and real camera focal lengths can occasionally lead to less natural-looking renders.
If your video contains shots with significant variations in focal length, letterboxing, and other factors, the recommended approach is to split the video into individual shots. Upload each shot separately to Wonder Studio for optimal results.