Unreal Engine Scene

Unreal Engine 5.3 Project assembled using Wonder Studio using USD as a foundation.
  • Level Instances: Easily create and organize scenes for smooth performance.
  • Subsequences for Character Animation Data: Fine-tune character animations with ease.
  • Robust USD Character Material Instances: Keep character materials consistent and efficient.
  • Instanced Skeletal Meshes: Integrate characters seamlessly with animation sequences and physics.
  • Downsampled Environment and Character Textures: Balance quality and performance effortlessly.
  • Blend your shots seamlessly with MainWorld, bringing together each scene for a cohesive experience. Manage your shots effortlessly with MainSequence, keeping everything in order.

Project File Structure

  • Every project contains a WD_Assets folder, which contains separate folders for each shot.
  • Each shot folder contains SkeletalMeshes, LevelSequences, Materials, Textures, and a Level that has everything assembled.

Individual Folders

  • SkeletalMeshes contain Animation Assets, Skeletons, SkeletalMeshes, and Physics assets for each character present in the shot.
  • LevelSequences contain Character and Camera Animation data that can be easily reused.
  • Materials contain USD Shader Instances that can be replaced with your own custom shaders.
  • Textures contain downsampled texture assets that can also be replaced.

Shot Level

  • Contains all shot assets assembled, alongside a static (or tracked) camera.

Coming Soon Features:

  • Estimated Light Intensities
  • Reflection Maps
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