Credits System

Wonder Studio uses a credit system that enables you to spend your subscription balance according to your needs. Wonder Studio has multiple project types that require a different amount of resources for processing. Each second of project processing has an equivalent cost in credits.
Credit spending is as follows:
  • 1 second of Live Action (Easy or Advanced): 20 credits
  • 1 second of AI MoCap: 4 credits
The difference in credit cost between these two options is due to the amount of processing time used to get the desired end result. Live Action generates motion capture data along with rendered elements, and takes more resources to process. Since AI MoCap generates only the motion capture data and does not render your VFX shot, it uses fewer processing resources, and therefore costs fewer credits.
The amount of credits you get each month depends on your subscription tier.
  • Lite users get 3,000 Credits per month, equal to 150 seconds of Live Action or 750 seconds of AI MoCap.
  • Pro users get 12,000 Credits per month, equal to 600 seconds of Live Action or 3,000 seconds of AI MoCap.
Credits reset every month. They do not carry over-month to month. Currently, when you run out of credits, you cannot process any more video in Wonder Studio until next month when you receive your next batch of credits. However, we are currently working to make it possible for you to purchase additional credits. Stay tuned for more info.
You can check your remaining balance in your account settings by clicking on your profile in the top right corner and selecting “Settings”. The “i” bubble will display the remaining credits in seconds for each project type you have enabled. You can also check the remaining balance for a specific project type while in-project in the upper right corner.