Blender Scene

Blender Scene is a powerful element that combines all VFX elements from Wonder Studio and combines them into a 3D scene. Some capabilities of the Blender Scene:
  • Edit animation directly on your character - With Blender Scene, MoCap and Facial animation data is loaded directly to your character. No need to import the animation from external data, start editing the animation right away.
  • Edit lighting in a 3D scene - Blender Scene includes the lighting information from Wonder Studio in a 3D scene. You can freely add light sources and change the parameters of both scene lights, reflection, and environment maps.
  • Compose your shot - Continue compositing directly in Blender. Do post-processing and color correction. Render out a separate character pass. Add shadow catcher objects to your scene and render out shadows as a separate pass. Render out the final shot by utilizing preloaded nodes that enable you to load the Clean Plate.
  • Edit camera - Reframe your shot. Change the focal length or any other camera parameters. Reposition or animate your camera. Enable effects like depth of field for even more cinematic effects.
  • Add props and environments - Change the context of your shot completely by adding a CG environment. Or simply add props and other CG objects to enhance your shot.