Construction History Validation

>>> [WARNING] Construction history check - FAIL
  > Mesh "{mesh_name}" has construction history!
  > Automatic fix is available.

Make sure to delete all construction history before rigging the character.

Also, making any changes after the character is rigged will create unnecessary construction history that might break the character on the platform.

As stated in the window above, a bypass fix might create unwanted side effects on the character.

Make sure to double-check if the character and the rig work as they should after applying the fix.

If blendshapes have deformation order set to Post-deformation they will fail history validation and they will be removed by the fix.

To change the deformation order of blend shapes you can do the following:

  1. Right-click the object with blend shapes and select Inputs > All Inputs from the marking menu.

  2. In the List of input operations window that appears, middle-drag the deformers into the order you want them to occur.

In this case, put then blend shape node below the skin cluster.

More info about changing the deformation order at the following link.

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