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Welcome to the VFX Studio in your browser!
Wonder Studio is an AI tool that automatically animates, lights, and composes CG characters into a live-action scene.
No need for expensive motion capture gear, complicated 3D software, and expensive production hardware — all you need with Wonder Studio is a camera.
Select or upload your CG character and apply it to one shot or an entire sequence. The system will automatically detect cuts and track the actor throughout the video.
The system automatically detects the actor’s performance based on footage from a single camera. Then, it takes that performance and transfers it to the CG character of your choice — automatically animated, lit, and composed.
Wonder Studios' AI automates 80%-90% of manual VFX work and leaves you, the artist, with the power to make creative decisions quicker and easier. Additional modifications can be made by exporting results into the software you already use.
We hope this platform saves you a bunch of time and money, allowing you to focus more on the iterative and creative aspects of storytelling.
Let's start creating wonders!

Begin Your Journey with Wonder Studio

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